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Meet the Founder

Irie Cameron has polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). This is a condition common among women of reproductive age that cannot be cured. Some of the women grow full beards, have trouble getting pregnant, and experience cysts bursting on their ovaries. Irie has experienced all of this.

She received her diagnosis in 2002 while serving in the military. The news changed her life. This would be for the long haul.

Her familiarity and trial and error are the reasons she wants to build awareness of PCOS. Irie can tell you how to combat PCOS from the beginning, before you grow old. Specifically, she is starting with informing individuals about the hair removal products she uses. She purchases specific and better types of shaving creams, shaving razors, and hair removal creams to get rid of the undesired hair on her body. Irie attests they smell better than what is out there, properly break down the hair, remoisturizes the skin and eliminate the need to use or go through multiple medications.

Irie is taking on this venture to get these products in the hands of women with beards and other excess hair on their bodies.  Seriously speaking, they are for anyone who needs them.

About US

Hairless, is a hair removal brand that offers a variety of products that help to combat both regular and excessive hair growth.

Our Mission

Keeping you HAIRLESS is our primary objective. Our products are geared towards people of all hair types. We also have a strong focus in helping women, specifically, who struggle with symptoms of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS).

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